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Bioflex Stacks available from Planet Max

The clever guys and girls at Planet Max have done it again and bundled together in three unique stacks which are all created for different goals:

Bioflex---Ripped-Stack---500x500pxRipped Stack

Containing 1.5kg of BioFurnace, Ripped Capsules and Alcar Pro Capsules, their Ripped Stack is perfect for bodybuilders looking to shred down for competition.

These three products have a combined RRP of $179, but they’re on sale now at Planet Max for just 129.95

Bioflex---Bulker-Stack---500x500pxBulker Stack

With 1.5kg of BioBulker, a tub of Alpha Capsules and our powerful BioCharge NX2 the Bulker Stack is designed squarely for experienced lifters looking to gain weight and muscle.

Bought separately you can expect to pay an RRP of $161, but from Planet Max at the moment, they’re available for just $119.95.

Bioflex---Treat-Stack---500x500pxProtein Treat Sampler Pack

It’s fair to say we’ve saved the best til last… both in taste and value.  As part of this pack you’ll receive a sachet of BioCake, Pancakes, BioOats and two packs of Some Like It Hot!

With the Protein Treat Sampler Pack you can save big and try a variety of Bioflex’s great dessert/snack range for only $10. Bargain!!



Head to Planetmax’s online store to grab all the deals.