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Welcome ICN

Australia has a new natural bodybuilding federation – iCompete Natural

The birth of ICN is the latest of many changes to federations in the 25 years that natural bodybuilding shows have been running in Australia.

The launch became official on the 23rd of January with all eight state presidents and twenty promoters claiming the name is “the perfect affirmation every drug-free athlete wants to proudly stand behind and represent.”

ICN already have over 50 Australian and international natural bodybuilding events running this years throughout Seasons A and B.

The new federation has branched into the international market with 15 countries already committing to promote and run their natural bodybuilding competitions under the ICN banner this year.

ICN hopes to see their brand and the success of natural body building become a worldwide phenomena and encourage more people to get involved.

They will be experimenting with further tech developments due to a $1 million investment which will see their social media and website spread over 22 languages and become the largest social fitness site in the world.

With 13,000 members in 41 countries already, ICN hopes these changes will see that number grow dramatically.

New pro cards

With a new federation, comes new pro cards – the ICN iPro Cards.

This year’s iCompete Natural Pro/Am show will be held at the Melbourne Fitness Show in October. The competition will be open to all amateurs who have qualified prior and all pros.

This is a large, history-making event for Australian natural bodybuilding and will offer a huge combined prize pool of $100,000.

What will ICN bring to Australian natural bodybuilding?

Firstly, it’s big and it’s international.

Introducing the inaugural World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) run by ICN in cooperation with its worldwide affiliates.

This June amateur ICN members will have the chance to compete in an international show held at a world class retreat in Phuket, Thailand over three days.

They’re also running a new professional title show alongside the WANT in Phuket called the Southern Universe iPro Championships.

ICN see this as a great chance for the whole ICN family to holiday and compete together.

They hope these two brand new, prestigious events will make for some great experiences from both competitors and organisers.

Where is natural bodybuilding in Australia headed?

The future of Australian natural bodybuilding is looking bright, with ICN aiming to make it bigger and more prestigious than ever before.

If you want to see more iCompete events and the iPro rules for competing head to the ICN website.

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BioLife has had a makeover!

You won’t believe it! BioLife has had a transformation, and it’s better than ever. Our popular vegan protein has been reformulated to be dramatically smoother, creamier and tastier.

Plant-based proteins are naturally grittier than whey based proteins which can make it hard to achieve that creamy milkshake consistency of a protein shake.

But we didn’t give up the fight and we’ve produced a vegan protein that is seriously good.

BioLife is a blend of organic rice and pea proteins that gives you 24g of protein per serve and an impressive spread of amino acids, making it perfect for muscle recovery and growth.

But wait! The good news doesn’t end there, we’ve also added delectable Salted Caramel to BioLife line-up. Plus, the original chocolate and vanilla flavours have been improved too!

If you are keen to try our newly reformulated BioLife, samples are available! Request yours today.

Even though it’s an ideal choice for vegans, it’s also very good for those who are sensitive to dairy and experience digestive discomfort.

Whether you have or haven’t tried BioLife or a vegan protein before, we highly recommend that you give it a go… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BioLife is the ideal whey alternative, no need to compromise nutrition or taste when choosing a vegan protein. BioLife is all you need.

Ask your local stockist if they already do or would considering carrying BioLife so you can stock up today.

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Drum roll please… Bioflex Ambassadors Announced!

After an extensive search and so many fantastic applicants, we had to make the all-important decision of who would join Team Bioflex in 2017.

It was a tough choice, so tough in fact that we couldn’t pick just five but we decided to choose six.

Congratulations to the following athletes, our new Bioflex Nutrition Ambassadors!

  • Kane Douglas-Sonnett
  • Marijana Stojic
  • Zane Grosdanis
  • Ella Martyn
  • Mollie Gray
  • Matt Beer

We are thrilled to have you all on board and look forward to an exciting year working with you.

Also, a big thank you goes out to all those who entered our Ambassador Search and weren’t successful this time around. Although we couldn’t take you on this time, don’t give up! We will be on the lookout for more Bioflex Nutrition Ambassadors later in 2017.

Stay tuned in the new year for new blog posts from our ambassadors themselves!

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BioFurnace now in Salted Caramel

It was a smash hit when we released Salted Caramel in our Proflex protein, and early indications are that it’s going to be even more popular in BioFurnace.

Salted Caramel BioFurnace is a delicious caramel flavoured protein, with just enough salty taste to give it some pop.  Request your free sample today, or head to the BioFurnace, BioFurnace for Women or BioFurnace Trial Pack page to find an online stockist!

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Bioflex Stacks available from Planet Max

The clever guys and girls at Planet Max have done it again and bundled together in three unique stacks which are all created for different goals:

Bioflex---Ripped-Stack---500x500pxRipped Stack

Containing 1.5kg of BioFurnace, Ripped Capsules and Alcar Pro Capsules, their Ripped Stack is perfect for bodybuilders looking to shred down for competition.

These three products have a combined RRP of $179, but they’re on sale now at Planet Max for just 129.95

Bioflex---Bulker-Stack---500x500pxBulker Stack

With 1.5kg of BioBulker, a tub of Alpha Capsules and our powerful BioCharge NX2 the Bulker Stack is designed squarely for experienced lifters looking to gain weight and muscle.

Bought separately you can expect to pay an RRP of $161, but from Planet Max at the moment, they’re available for just $119.95.

Bioflex---Treat-Stack---500x500pxProtein Treat Sampler Pack

It’s fair to say we’ve saved the best til last… both in taste and value.  As part of this pack you’ll receive a sachet of BioCake, Pancakes, BioOats and two packs of Some Like It Hot!

With the Protein Treat Sampler Pack you can save big and try a variety of Bioflex’s great dessert/snack range for only $10. Bargain!!



Head to Planetmax’s online store to grab all the deals.

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Bioflex Nutrition products now available in Anytime Fitness Gyms

A recent deal has been struck between Bioflex and Anytime, which will see Bioflex products in over 400 Anytime Fitness Gyms Australia-wide.  We’re extremely excited that this opens up Bioflex Nutrition’s quality products to a much wider audience.

If your local Anytime Fitness Gym isn’t stocking Bioflex and you’d like them to, your best bet is to have a chat to the manager.  If you’d like to drop us a line and let us know your local gym, we can chase it up from our end too.

Happy days!

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BioOats are your delicious way to start the day

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now getting a highly nutritious, healthy breakfast which is packed with protein is even easier.

Introducing Bioflex Nutrition’s BioOats – perfect for breakfast, when travelling or as a convenient, high protein snack.

Each sachet of BioOats has an equal split of protein and carbs per serve (22 grams) by combining whey and casein with oats.  This gives you a great meal which has extra fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Skip the take away food shop and grabs some BioOats today.  Available now from all stockists for $2 per serve.

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BioCake is now on sale!

Each sachet makes a delicious cake in a mug which is packed with 20 grams of protein!

When you’re in the middle of week long blocks of training, all those protein shakes can start to look a little bland. Spice things up with a Bioflex BioCake, our tasty premixed cake in a mug!

Bioflex Nutrition’s BioCake is a combination of whey, milk and egg proteins, blended with almonds, coconut, oats and cacao which boost vitamins, minerals and healthy carbs.

They’re available now from all Bioflex Nutrition Stockists for just $1.85 a serve.  Choose from two great flavours – Cherry Choc and Creamy Banana.

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A new flavour for Proflex

Everyone loves a new flavour, right?

Well today you’ve got an extra choice when you’re buying your favourite protein blend — SALTED CARAMEL!

It’s a yummy caramel which has just a hint of saltiness to take the edge of the sweetness.

Perfect when used with water, but when combined with milk it turns into an indulgent milkshake.  Yum!!

Proflex Salted Caramel was released to stockists today, so will be available from them within the week. Enjoy!