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7 Tips For Starting Out At The Gym

Do you want to get fit and healthy but are too intimidated to get going at the gym?

We have some tips on how you can beat this gym anxiety and start smashing your goals!

We understand most people’s fears when starting out on their fitness journey come down to a lack of understanding of equipment, exercises and the feeling of being judged as a newbie. But remember everyone is a newbie at some stage and we’ve all been through gym phobia before.

What is gym phobia?

It wasn’t until recently that we discovered this fear is a real and documented occurrence.

In a research paper by Curves Australia they found 46% of Australians experience anxiety while working out around others. Of this group one third said this is what has stopped them from joining a gym.

So we’re here to tell you that while gym phobia is real, it’s also quite common and can be overcome. You’re not alone.

Here are our top tips for beating gym anxiety and smashing your fitness goals.

Gym phobia is real and can be beaten!

1. Go with a friend

Like many things, going to the gym is more fun with a friend. It can also be less intimidating when there are two of you exploring a new gym and trialing new equipment.

Head along with a friend who is at a similar fitness level to you and you can encourage each other along the way.

2. Pick a gym that suits your needs

There are so many different gyms to choose from these days. We’re talking 24/7, power-lifting, cross fit, boxing, group fitness training, female only and many more.

Choose one which best suits your needs and vibe. It’s always best to pick one which isn’t too far from home and has the equipment and classes you’d enjoy doing.

3. Train outside of peak hours

If you want to avoid training in front of other people, try to hit the gym before or after peak times. Question the staff and personal trainers about the quietest times of day. That way you’ll feel more comfortable testing out the equipment and building up confidence.

Don’t be afraid to trial new equipment at the gym with the help of a PT.

4. Workout in public parks first

If you’re not quite up to exercising around people in a confined space, try working out in public parks and spacious areas first. Mix up your regular routine by going for a jog or bush walk.

Even try doing a circuit at home with body weight exercises. This will help you to build up your confidence in exercising and have you along at a gym in no time.

5. Hire a PT

Personal trainers are an excellent tool to use if you’re new to a gym. They know exactly what the equipment is for and can set you up with a great program. PT’s also have the right knowledge to be able to put your goals on paper and help you start working towards them.

6. Don’t be intimidated by others

Most people at the gym are far too absorbed in their own training to look and judge others. While you may feel as though you stand out as the newbie to the gym, most likely others won’t notice and will keep going with their own workout.

7. Remember everyone starts somewhere

Remember everyone starts in the same place. No one was born at the gym. Don’t worry about others and just be proud of yourself for starting out at the gym and working on your fitness.

The first day can be daunting, but be consistent and it’ll only get better from there!

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Carrie’s Australian Spartan Training

I love training. I love the smack talk and banter beforehand. I love the feeling of working hard and the awesome feeling when you’re done. But more than that I love winning.

I don’t know if I love winning or I just hate losing… Either way I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

Board games, traffic lights, treadmills, everything and anything can be won. I will try to win it, or rage quit if I don’t. All spells fun times right?

My motivation for competing in Australian Spartan


Carrie strength training in preparation for Australian Spartan.

When my training has a focus (aka winning something) I am at my very best. Every rep, every lift, every km counts and I know it. This is where Australian Spartan comes in.

What an amazing and completely unknown test!

How do I even start to prepare for something like this? YouTube that’s how. Let the Spartan YouTube marathons begin.

And what do I see mud running, hanging, mud climbing, more running, water, barbed wire, more mud and more hanging. Should be easy enough… Right?

Except, I have never run a Spartan Race. In fact, I’ve never run further than 5km in my life and never completed an obstacle course.

Holy moly! What have I done to myself?

My current training

Carrie trying to improve her grip strength.

So it begins. Running, more running, weight vests, swimming, hijacking playgrounds and hanging after running. I’ve now done everything. Even a night time obstacle course and a sneaky 10km fun run.

Because I have a whole 24 hours in every day, I add in evening sessions with specific weight training around grip strength. This is basically hanging from stuff with weight a vest on… After running.

My training week starts to resemble a cross between a zombie apocalypse and the movie 300, although far less abs and fortunately far less blood.

The next few weeks have flown by in a training blur. I have started to notice my grip strength improving… But running is still not the best.

My family are becoming increasingly wary of any park visits as they quickly turn into impromptu Spartan arenas complete with podium finishes and celebrations… (mostly from me).

Fingers crossed my training is on the right track and my family don’t kick me out before the show even starts for my lack of humility and over celebrating.

Silent prayers for us all if we don’t win!

You can watch Carrie Mill compete in Australian Spartan every Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 7.

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Meet Australian Spartan Competitor Carrie Mill

We’re stoked to introduce you to our latest Bioflex Nutrition ambassador – Carrie Mill.

Carrie has always been a lover of health and fitness, but has just taken her fitness journey to a whole new level!

Carrie takes on Channel Seven’s Australian Spartan

That’s right! Carrie is one of this year’s Australian Spartan competitors! This brand new strength and agility show airs for the first time at 7pm this Sunday the 25th of February on Channel Seven and you’ll find Carrie right up in the action!

This challenging show hosts a series of heats and semi-finals which will see ten grand finalists battle it out in an extended Spartan course where only two teams will succeed. After that the final two race simultaneously in the grand final, with the winning team scoring $150,000.

Carrie’s part of Team VP Vanguard from Queensland. She’s joined forces with gym owners Phil and Stacey to battle it out against the other 35 teams!

Hosted by Edwina Bartholomew and Hamish McLachlan, Australian Spartan tackles an epic obstacle course of both wet and dry areas. Featuring a 90kg tyre swing and a 14 metre long obstacle course filled pool, this high skill course is sure to challenge even the fittest of teams.

More about Carrie

Carrie is a 37 year old, full time primary school teacher and mother of two by day and an Australian Spartan by night.

She’s always been an active person, playing state level basketball for 18 years and still coaching kid’s basketball teams now.

Carrie describes herself as honest, funny and a bad loser.

She tends to eat very healthily most of the time, but has a weakness for wood-fired pizza and lollies.

Carrie also uses supplements to aid in her recovery from intense training sessions and loves our BioFurnace for Women in Chocolate and BCAA Pro in Lemonade.

Carrie (middle) with Team VP Vanguard from Queensland.

Q & A with Carrie before Australian Spartan

We had a chat to Carrie recently about her upcoming stint in Australian Spartan. To say she’s excited for the show to begin would be an understatement.

Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

I have always been insanely competitive, I love winning and competing in anything. My fitness and training level has always been driven by this. I love looking and feeling strong and healthy!

You’re a teacher and mother of two, how do you find time to fit in your training?

To fit it all in I start my days at 4:00am! Making my day start that little bit earlier gives me the extra time I need to train. Don’t look at training as a chore! I use my gym time for “me time” playing my favourite music and zoning out, not answering any questions, not looking after anyone. It’s just me kicking some ass!

What’s your current workout schedule like leading up to Australian Spartan?

My training leading into Australian Spartan really has gone to the next level. I am training twice a day, six days a week. A mix of cardio, HIIT training, weights, long distance running and also a little bit of gymnastics and calisthenics type training.

Have you changed up your diet leading up to Australian Spartan?

My food varies based on my training for that day or the next day. I eat a high protein, low fat diet with an amazing breakfast! I love what I eat because it’s easy to prepare and delicious!

Carrie with her favourite Bioflex supps.

We wish Carrie the best of luck in Australian Spartan. Look out for her when it first airs this Sunday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

To follow Carrie’s journey in the show, check out her Instagram.

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Why Women Should Lift

Strength training among women is becoming increasingly popular.

Many women are now realizing that aerobics and running shouldn’t be the basis of their fitness routine and won’t get them as lean and toned as weights training will.

However, many women still assume lifting weights will cause them to become bulky.

I’m here to tell you that I and many other women at the gym are already lifting weights. So how many of these bulky women do you actually see at your gym?

When you sit down and think about your fitness goals, strength training is not only going to help you achieve them but will get you there a lot quicker than cardio based training and yoga.

Don’t get me wrong, these have their place in fitness and I believe we all need to work on our flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The perfect training program would encompass all aspects of fitness utilizing strength training, yoga, mobility and cardio.

So let’s put the fears aside and tackle the weights room, with my top six reasons in mind.

1. It burns fat

Weight training burns calories both during and after exercise. This is called Excess Post-Exercises Oxygen Consumption EPOC. When your body consumes more oxygen it burns more calories and increases metabolic rate. Oxygen consumption governs metabolism.

This is in contrast to steady state cardio, where once you stop, you stop burning calories.

2. It sculpts your body

The toned looking physique only comes from having muscle. The bigger butt, toned arms and toned thighs all come from lifting weights and engaging those muscles of you body.

Just doing cardio will allow you to lose both fat and muscle. The muscle is what creates shape and tone. And sadly, if you don’t use it you lose it.

Ever broken an ankle and had your leg in a plaster cast for eight weeks. When it is taken off, often your calf is half the size. This is the result of you not contracting muscle fibres.

3. It increases metabolic rate

Some studies show long term resistance training may result in an increase in 24 hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation. These levels may be enough to assist in maintaining energy balance and preventing weight gain.

An increase in Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) means your body works more efficiently and you can lose fat while consuming a higher amount of calories. This makes dieting much easier. You can lose body fat and still eat lots of food! And yes, weight training allows you to do this.

4. It encourages deeper sleep

Sleep is where the recovery and muscle growth occurs.

Exercise can help to encourage better sleep quality. Research has found that moderate intensity exercise can improve the quality of sleep and reduce the amount of times the body wakes during the night.

5. It enhances emotional well-being

Weight and strength training can have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of women. It has been found that challenging and overcoming strength goals in the gym can set us up for success and the strength to deal with many of life challenges.

One research paper has looked at the effects of strength training on emotional well-being and self image of women. It found those who trained with weights had a much higher score in terms of well-being as well as reduced skin fold thickness and and increase in muscle strength.

6. It helps manage stress

Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress. When you exercise you release endorphins, which helps us to switch off from the outside world and feel good.

But exercise can still put added stress on the body, so if you are already managing high stress and high cortisol levels your exercise selection may need to be adapted.

High intensity training sessions which rely on adrenaline and cortisol will only add more stress to the body. High cortisol will quickly erode muscle so strength training with lower reps and longer rest is optimal.

Have you recently taken up strength training? Tell us how it’s going in the comments below!

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Prevent DOMS And Increase Gains With BCAAs

If you train regularly, you may have heard of BCAAs and their recovery properties.

While most people tend to take a post workout shake, many people neglect intra workout supplements which can be very useful in delaying DOMS and building muscle.

What are BCAAs?

BCAA stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. They are made up of three essential amino acids – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These amino acids help to promote protein synthesis in the body and therefore help with muscle growth and recovery.

BCAAs are found in all foods or supplements containing protein. However, many people – particularly vegetarians and vegans – don’t get enough of them from food. Therefore supplementing with BCAAs during exercise can be very beneficial.

Supplementing with BCAAs intra workout can improve muscle growth and recovery.

Here’s why you should take BCAAs

Many studies have looked into the benefits of supplementing with BCAAs during training.

When taken at this time, they can help to build muscle and prevent muscular fatigue during strenuous workouts.

Research has also proven they can also help prevent DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. A past study found that consuming BCAAs while training squats dramatically decreased DOMS in the following days.

How do BCAAs work?

BCAAs have excellent muscle building properties. They have an anabolic effect on protein metabolism by increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein degradation.

The muscle building properties of BCAAs come largely from the inclusion of Leucine. Leucine has been found to increase muscle growth as it induces muscle protein synthesis.

During intense cardio, BCAAs in the body decline, which causes Leucine levels and glycogen stores to decrease. This brings on fatigue. Therefore by consuming BCAAs intra workout, protein degradation is decreased and both mental and physical performance is enhanced.

An added bonus for people who don’t consume much protein is that BCAA supplementation can assist in promoting muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over an extended period of time.

Research has found that men given 14g of BCAAs daily for eight weeks along with a weightlifting plan, lost more fat (2.2% body fat) and gained more lean muscle (4.2kg) than those given 28g of whey protein (2.1kg lean mass and 1.2% body fat) or 28g of carbohydrates (1.4kg lean mass and 0.6% body fat).

BCAAs can decrease DOMS post training.

How to supplement with BCAAs

As BCAAs help prevent fatigue and encourage muscle recovery, they are best taken intra workout.

Or if you find it hard to consume enough protein in your diet, they can be sipped on intermittently throughout the day.

Bioflex BCAA Supplements


We believe that BCAAs are an essential item in any gym goers supplement routine.

Our recently reformed BCAA Pro is the perfect intra workout supplement. A standard serve contains a scientifically verified dose of BCAAs as well as electrolytes to aid in hydration during strenuous activity.

Our BCAA Pro also incorporates a high dose of Citrulline Malate. This has been proven to help reduce muscle soreness and aid in training performance and endurance.

BCAA Capsules

Supplementing with BCAA Capsules is an easy and convenient way to get in BCAAs during training.

Our BCAA Capsules contain Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, at 2:1:1 ratio, which is backed up by science as being the best formulation.

For further information

If you have any more questions about our BCAA Pro or BCAA Capsules, comment them below or find us on social media.

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My Off Season Bioflex Supplements

Get the most out of your nutrition and training regime by incorporating these supplements into your current diet.

These are the top six supplements I take during my off season. I use them all for different purposes and all of them work together to ensure I’m in peak physical form for growth and recovery.

This supplement regime is primary aimed at people seeking to build muscle and/or increase performance.

Kane during his off season.

1. Hydroflex Protein 

This is a rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed whey protein. I use this post workout and before bed to boost protein intake and increase muscular recovery.

2. RecoverX

Made from 100% free form amino acids, this rapidly absorbed supplement can help with faster recovery. I use this intra workout to keep my body from going into a catabolic state whilst training at a high intensity.

3. Creaflex

Creatine Monohydrate has been proven to aid in increased strength and muscle volume. I use this intra workout to keep muscle ATP production topped up and aid in muscle cell hydration while working out.


4. BioCharge Pre Workout

This blend of amino acids and caffeine has been formulated for increased energy and endurance. I use this before workouts when I need a little extra mental focus and endurance.

5. Jointz Capsules

Combining Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, these capsules aid those who train hard and are susceptible to injury. I use these daily to keep my joints healthy while undertaking heavy weight training.

6. Protein Pancakes

These easy to make pancakes not only taste great, but also contain 40g of protein per serve. I eat these as a nice alternative to my usual breakfast, mostly on the weekends. Who doesn’t love pancakes?

To find out more about Kane check out his ambassador profile here.

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Welcome ICN

Australia has a new natural bodybuilding federation – iCompete Natural

The birth of ICN is the latest of many changes to federations in the 25 years that natural bodybuilding shows have been running in Australia.

The launch became official on the 23rd of January with all eight state presidents and twenty promoters claiming the name is “the perfect affirmation every drug-free athlete wants to proudly stand behind and represent.”

ICN already have over 50 Australian and international natural bodybuilding events running this years throughout Seasons A and B.

The new federation has branched into the international market with 15 countries already committing to promote and run their natural bodybuilding competitions under the ICN banner this year.

ICN hopes to see their brand and the success of natural body building become a worldwide phenomena and encourage more people to get involved.

They will be experimenting with further tech developments due to a $1 million investment which will see their social media and website spread over 22 languages and become the largest social fitness site in the world.

With 13,000 members in 41 countries already, ICN hopes these changes will see that number grow dramatically.

New pro cards

With a new federation, comes new pro cards – the ICN iPro Cards.

This year’s iCompete Natural Pro/Am show will be held at the Melbourne Fitness Show in October. The competition will be open to all amateurs who have qualified prior and all pros.

This is a large, history-making event for Australian natural bodybuilding and will offer a huge combined prize pool of $100,000.

What will ICN bring to Australian natural bodybuilding?

Firstly, it’s big and it’s international.

Introducing the inaugural World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) run by ICN in cooperation with its worldwide affiliates.

This June amateur ICN members will have the chance to compete in an international show held at a world class retreat in Phuket, Thailand over three days.

They’re also running a new professional title show alongside the WANT in Phuket called the Southern Universe iPro Championships.

ICN see this as a great chance for the whole ICN family to holiday and compete together.

They hope these two brand new, prestigious events will make for some great experiences from both competitors and organisers.

Where is natural bodybuilding in Australia headed?

The future of Australian natural bodybuilding is looking bright, with ICN aiming to make it bigger and more prestigious than ever before.

If you want to see more iCompete events and the iPro rules for competing head to the ICN website.

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BioLife has had a makeover!

You won’t believe it! BioLife has had a transformation, and it’s better than ever. Our popular vegan protein has been reformulated to be dramatically smoother, creamier and tastier.

Plant-based proteins are naturally grittier than whey based proteins which can make it hard to achieve that creamy milkshake consistency of a protein shake.

But we didn’t give up the fight and we’ve produced a vegan protein that is seriously good.

BioLife is a blend of organic rice and pea proteins that gives you 24g of protein per serve and an impressive spread of amino acids, making it perfect for muscle recovery and growth.

But wait! The good news doesn’t end there, we’ve also added delectable Salted Caramel to BioLife line-up. Plus, the original chocolate and vanilla flavours have been improved too!

If you are keen to try our newly reformulated BioLife, samples are available! Request yours today.

Even though it’s an ideal choice for vegans, it’s also very good for those who are sensitive to dairy and experience digestive discomfort.

Whether you have or haven’t tried BioLife or a vegan protein before, we highly recommend that you give it a go… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BioLife is the ideal whey alternative, no need to compromise nutrition or taste when choosing a vegan protein. BioLife is all you need.

Ask your local stockist if they already do or would considering carrying BioLife so you can stock up today.

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Drum roll please… Bioflex Ambassadors Announced!

After an extensive search and so many fantastic applicants, we had to make the all-important decision of who would join Team Bioflex in 2017.

It was a tough choice, so tough in fact that we couldn’t pick just five but we decided to choose six.

Congratulations to the following athletes, our new Bioflex Nutrition Ambassadors!

  • Kane Douglas-Sonnett
  • Marijana Stojic
  • Zane Grosdanis
  • Ella Martyn
  • Mollie Gray
  • Matt Beer

We are thrilled to have you all on board and look forward to an exciting year working with you.

Also, a big thank you goes out to all those who entered our Ambassador Search and weren’t successful this time around. Although we couldn’t take you on this time, don’t give up! We will be on the lookout for more Bioflex Nutrition Ambassadors later in 2017.

Stay tuned in the new year for new blog posts from our ambassadors themselves!

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BioFurnace now in Salted Caramel

It was a smash hit when we released Salted Caramel in our Proflex protein, and early indications are that it’s going to be even more popular in BioFurnace.

Salted Caramel BioFurnace is a delicious caramel flavoured protein, with just enough salty taste to give it some pop.  Request your free sample today, or head to the BioFurnace, BioFurnace for Women or BioFurnace Trial Pack page to find an online stockist!

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Bioflex Stacks available from Planet Max

The clever guys and girls at Planet Max have done it again and bundled together in three unique stacks which are all created for different goals:

Bioflex---Ripped-Stack---500x500pxRipped Stack

Containing 1.5kg of BioFurnace, Ripped Capsules and Alcar Pro Capsules, their Ripped Stack is perfect for bodybuilders looking to shred down for competition.

These three products have a combined RRP of $179, but they’re on sale now at Planet Max for just 129.95

Bioflex---Bulker-Stack---500x500pxBulker Stack

With 1.5kg of BioBulker, a tub of Alpha Capsules and our powerful BioCharge NX2 the Bulker Stack is designed squarely for experienced lifters looking to gain weight and muscle.

Bought separately you can expect to pay an RRP of $161, but from Planet Max at the moment, they’re available for just $119.95.

Bioflex---Treat-Stack---500x500pxProtein Treat Sampler Pack

It’s fair to say we’ve saved the best til last… both in taste and value.  As part of this pack you’ll receive a sachet of BioCake, Pancakes, BioOats and two packs of Some Like It Hot!

With the Protein Treat Sampler Pack you can save big and try a variety of Bioflex’s great dessert/snack range for only $10. Bargain!!



Head to Planetmax’s online store to grab all the deals.

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Bioflex Nutrition products now available in Anytime Fitness Gyms

A recent deal has been struck between Bioflex and Anytime, which will see Bioflex products in over 400 Anytime Fitness Gyms Australia-wide.  We’re extremely excited that this opens up Bioflex Nutrition’s quality products to a much wider audience.

If your local Anytime Fitness Gym isn’t stocking Bioflex and you’d like them to, your best bet is to have a chat to the manager.  If you’d like to drop us a line and let us know your local gym, we can chase it up from our end too.

Happy days!

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BioOats are your delicious way to start the day

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now getting a highly nutritious, healthy breakfast which is packed with protein is even easier.

Introducing Bioflex Nutrition’s BioOats – perfect for breakfast, when travelling or as a convenient, high protein snack.

Each sachet of BioOats has an equal split of protein and carbs per serve (22 grams) by combining whey and casein with oats.  This gives you a great meal which has extra fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Skip the take away food shop and grabs some BioOats today.  Available now from all stockists for $2 per serve.

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BioCake is now on sale!

Each sachet makes a delicious cake in a mug which is packed with 20 grams of protein!

When you’re in the middle of week long blocks of training, all those protein shakes can start to look a little bland. Spice things up with a Bioflex BioCake, our tasty premixed cake in a mug!

Bioflex Nutrition’s BioCake is a combination of whey, milk and egg proteins, blended with almonds, coconut, oats and cacao which boost vitamins, minerals and healthy carbs.

They’re available now from all Bioflex Nutrition Stockists for just $1.85 a serve.  Choose from two great flavours – Cherry Choc and Creamy Banana.

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A new flavour for Proflex

Everyone loves a new flavour, right?

Well today you’ve got an extra choice when you’re buying your favourite protein blend — SALTED CARAMEL!

It’s a yummy caramel which has just a hint of saltiness to take the edge of the sweetness.

Perfect when used with water, but when combined with milk it turns into an indulgent milkshake.  Yum!!

Proflex Salted Caramel was released to stockists today, so will be available from them within the week. Enjoy!